Custom Medical Billing Software


Medical billing software is now an essential part of the healthcare business, be it hospitals or individual practices or insurance companies. It automates the whole process, making it so much easier to keep track of payment information, sending medical claims on time, and more.


Main Features

  • Patient profiles. Personal profiles for each patient with all the necessary information, including ID, insurance details, medical records, transaction history, billing address.
  • Claims management. It automates sending and receiving of all the claims, making this process fast and easy. It should also include claims re-submitting functions.
  • Eligibility verification. This helps hospitals automatically check a patient’s insurance status, letting the hospital know if their insurance company will accept the claim and if the insurance is not expired.
  • Billing and payments tracking. Medical software takes care of all accounting related to payment procedures, like invoicing, including keeping track of all the appointments and procedures a patient had.
  • History of patient activity. The software keeps track of everything in a patient’s profile, including all health-related information, treatment records, specialists they visit, prescriptions, diagnoses, etc.
  • Payment reminders. Reminding patients about bills that are still due or that their insurance is about to expire should be automatic.
  • Bill templates. Having templates for all the types of bills that could be issued is very handy as well.
  • Auto-backups. Any lost information can cause damage, so you should ensure automatic backups, as well as:
  • Data security. Patient information is highly sensitive, so you need to make sure the database with private details is stored safely and securely.
  • Storage devices or cloud. Auto-backups would enable downloading data to hard drives or the cloud in case of custom cloud-based medical billing software.
  • Data encryption. Security can be managed by encrypting all sensitive customer information so that it could only be accessed with a key.


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