Elisa Washer Software


  • Automatically removes the eluated filter paper disks from the wells
  • Performs all needed wash stages as specified in the assay protocol
  • Overfilling of wells is avoided
  • Up to 100 protocols can be stored
  • Optimized for use with DELFIA neonatal assays


The DELFIA Plate Wash provides a general-purpose microtitration plate and strip washer that is specially designed for use in the DELFIA diagnostic kits. instrument control is soft key and operations are available on a dual row, clear 40 character liquid crystal display. The DELFIA protocols kits come with the unit.

The unit is able to store in memory up to 75 freely programmable protocols. Dispensing and aspiration profiles are also paired as a way to avoid overfilling of the wells. The system also features a self-contained design and its personal vacuum pump, providing even dispensing with the membrane pump that is inbuilt.

The unit comes with 3 bottles for wash solution waste and distilled water. To ensure that the unit is constantly kept in a state of readiness, there is an automatic function for rinsing, for simplicity of servicing and complete diagnostic software is also available.


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