IConnect and Measurement Xtractor Signal Integrity TDR & S-parameter Software


IConnect S-parameters is the efficient and easy-to-use tool for digital designers, operating at gigabit speeds, to perform single-ended, differential and mixed mode S-parameter measurement of interconnects, measure insertion loss, return loss and frequency domain cross talk, and conduct interconnect electrical standard compliance testing.


As clock speeds and rise times of digital circuits increase, interconnect signal integrity dramatically affects digital system performance. Accurate & efficient analysis of the interconnects in time and frequency domain is critical to predict signal losses, jitter, crosstalk, reflections & ringing, digital bit errors and eye diagram degradation, and ensure reliable system operation.

IConnect software is the efficient, easy-to-use and cost-effective solution for measurement-based performance evaluation of gigabit interconnect links and devices, including signal integrity analysis, impedance, S-parameter and eye diagram tests, and fault isolation. With the help of IConnect and the built-in IConnect Linear Simulator, you can complete interconnect analysis tasks in minutes instead of days, resulting in faster system design time and lower design costs.

Features & Benefits

  • Easily Analyze Sources of interconnect Jitter, Losses, Crosstalk, Reflections and Rigging
    • Analyze Interconnects Concurrently in Time and Frequency Domains.
    • Quickly Perform Interconnect Link, Analysis & Ensure System level simulation accuracy.
  • Efficiently Model PCBs, Flexboards, Connectors, Cables, Packages and Sockets
    • Topological and Behavioral Measurement-based, Frequency-dependent, Exact SPICE Models.
    • Automatically Convert TDR/T or VNA Data into SPICE with Measure Xtractor, Model Passivity, Stability, Causality Guaranteed.
  • Quickly Obtain S-parameters using your TDR Osilloscope
    • Differential, Single-ended, Mixed-Mode; Insertion, Return Loss, Frequency Domain Crosstalk
    • PCI Express, Serial ATA, Infiniband, Gigabit Ethernet Manufacturing and Standard Compliance Testing Including Eye Mask Tests.
    • Simplified Calibration Procedure Minimizes Human Errors and makes fixture De-embedding a simple task.
    • Intutive, Easy and Accurate for serial data, gigabit digital design and signal integrity.
  • Obtain More Accurate impediance measurements.
    • Enhanced TDR Resolution
    • Fast and Easy Package and PCB trace failure location.
    • 50 omega Calibration Eliminates the need for time-consuming normalization.
  • Automate your manufacturing test and R&D measurements with Scripts and Programmatic Control.
    • Command Line interface for many functions(S-parameters, Z-line, Others)
  • Optimized for use with DSA8200 Digital Serial Analyzer sampling oscilloscope with 80E10, 80E08 and 80E04 True Differential TDR modules.


  • High-speed PCB, Cable Assembly, Connector and IC Package Testing
  • Serial Data Network Analysis
  • Compliance Test for SATA PCI Express, FB-DIMM, HDMI, Fiber Channel, Ethernet and Other Serial Data Standards
  • Consumer Electronics Testing
  • Communications Testing
  • Computer Testing


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