Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Software


Sophisticated LED accent lights – The parenthesis accent lights on the sides of the Discovery MR750w not only enhance the overall aesthetic beauty of the system, they express the ―caring hands‖ metaphor of embracing the patient in a comfortable experience.


50 cm useable field of view with excellent homogeneity for uncompromised coverage and quality.
MultiDrive RF Transmit Fully automated and independent RF pulse amplitude and phase control produce consistently clear 3.0T images.
OpTix Optical RF offers high channel count, analog to digital-optical signal conversion where it matters—inside the scan room to minimize noise and signal degradation, but away from the patient.
A large usable field of view is needed to properly image off-center anatomy such as a shoulder or hip. So the Discovery* MR750w features a 70 cm flared, open bore design with a large 50 x 50 x 50 cm field of view.
Gradients and RF body coils are water and air-cooled for optimum duty-cycle performance, short repetition time (TR) and echo time (TE), producing sharp and clear images.
The GEM Suite of flexible coils embrace the patient, bringing both function and comfort while helping to minimize anxiety and motion during the exam.
Intuitive applications help clinicians utilize the full potential of 3.0T MR imaging.
System Design – Discovery MR750w features an innovative new design inspired by the metaphor of protection.
With technologist workflow and patient experience in mind, key features include:
•70 cm Patient Bore – Bright inner bore lighting and a flared gantry lead to a comfortable, open experience.
•High Resolution In-Room Operator Control (iROC) – Fast exam set-up with high-resolution color console mounted on the front of the magnet. Easy to see patient, system and scan information, and control and select parameters in real time right in the room. •Sleek dual-sided controls – Control the scanner from either side of the table. Simplify patient set-up with easy access to cardiac or peripheral gating leads and IV lines. • IntelliTouch Patient Positioning – Boost exam productivity with IntelliTouch patient positioning, by eliminating the need for laser alignment and reducing the steps to position patients in as little as 30 seconds.


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